The European Window Market 2023-04 for EuroWindoor members [personalised pdf] - 2023-04

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2023-04 -
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The European Window Market 2023-04
Content of the study [240 Pages]

The study comprises the core data of the national window markets of the EU member states as well as the neighbouring countries. In addition to this – if available – relevant general specifications for the development of the window market are preposed, in particular there are:

(1) Country Profile
The country profile includes the cross domestic product, inhabitants, building investments and the Home Ownership rate of the specific countries.

(2) Modernization Market
The Modernization market gives an overview of the total amount of dwellings and buildings as well as a deepening analysis of the distribution of buildings or dwellings by construction period in particular. Building and dwelling stock are measured differently by the considered countries.  On the one hand the distribution of the construction period is concerned. On the other hand the countries define the building and dwelling stock differently, in particular regarding the integration of similar residential buildings and the non-residential buildings, which will be pointed out accordingly. In case that the non-residential buildings are listed and published separately with regard to the building stocks, the figures are marked here as well.

(3) Building Activity Statistic
Within the scope of the building activity statistic the building permits and building completions for new buildings are presented in total amount as well as divided into residential and non-residential buildings. It has to be considered that the regarded countries use very different measures for the recording of the building activity (buildings, dwellings, living space, floor space, volume etc.)

(4) Window Market
For the window market the quantities of sales in the countries between 2007 and 2022 are presented and there is set a trend for the market development 2023. In addition the market volume is separately considered by dateard frame materials. With regard to the quantitative market volume a window unit of 1.3 m x 1.3 m is assumed.

The specifications about the window market are based on second research (conversations with associations, publications, international statistics of the window and facing industry, expert conversations) and are to be understood as approximate values in terms of expert opinions. The estimates are based on data from the national window inventory (window stock). This database was updated in 2018.
Data related to the European window market should ideally derive from studies carried out by the national window associations. Other than Germany, those studies are often not updated constantly which is why recent figures are collected and continued by designated expert teams from international corporations. Estimates are supported by industry-specific knowledge, current building stock development, number of building applications, overall construction of new buildings and renovation activities, as well as macroeconomic data.
The national window associations deliver own studies on a regular basis which are updated in larger time intervals. Figures from those updates are then incorporated in the latest forecast and lead to subsequent corrections, especially in the market shares by frame material (highlighted at the corresponding location in the forecast).

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